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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 15, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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own a piggyback to finance an extravagant lifestyle that included a new home and luxury cars. >> we negotiated the plea in advance of seeking the indictment. >> he worked for the maintenance division on washington boulevard. he had a portable electronic key that provided an access in order to make repairs. after he was transferred, he began working unsupervised on the overnight shift. prosecutors say he enteremptiedt fareboxes some 1600 times. he bought a new home, a new suv, and a new service contracts for his land rover. bruce myers is the state's chief legislative auditor and calls the warnings that were ignored
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a sort 1. >> many people down there, 34, i think had access to the keys that would allow them access to the cash. there was no inventory of who had the keys, who could do what, who was authorized, and who was not. >> mta declined to use its own reporting system to insure that farebox deposits were made. state police assisted in the surveillance of the two bus depots. the officers noted that a red farebox light was on. in search of -- a surge of david pattawi's home was enough to convict him. he surrendered his passport and an undisclosed fire arm. he faces up to 10 years in prison and hefty fines. >> tonight, 800,000 doses of the
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h1n1 flu vaccine have been recalled. more than 10,000 were sent to maryland. it involves the pre-filled syringes intended for young children. health officials recommend children those ages get two doses spaced about a month apart. most of the doses have already been given, but health officials say children do not have to be re-vaccinated. no local health departments receive the recalled vaccine. >> police are investigating another afternoon shooting involving an officer, this time in west baltimore. lowell melser is alive at the scene to sort out all the details. >> the scene at wrapping up about 15 to 20 minutes ago, police not releasing too much
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information, but here is what we know so far. it is 39-year-old man who baltimore county police were investigating for a number of the armed convenience store robberies was visiting his parole officer in northwest baltimore city. when the man was leaving the office, police tried to arrest him. city police say the man pulled out a 50 caliber revolver, which is just a huge gun fired on police. police returned fire, killing the man. frederick bealefeld said he was absolutely upset, not only about this shooting, but a number of others in the city. >> here is this the guy that comes to his probation officer today, goes into his probation office, comes out and drives all the way from where ever he was, on with a handgun.
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>> baltimore county police called a news conference earlier at 5:30, and we were hoping to learn more information not only about the suspect but the officer that was involved in the shooting. police are not releasing any of that information but did say they would release more details tomorrow morning. >> meanwhile, the man shot by a city police officer yesterday afternoon has died. 32-year old and died at shock trauma last night. he was shot near ninth street after he allegedly shot a man and woman. those victims were treated for non-life threatening injuries. police have recovered a weapon from the suspect but have no motive for the shooting. >> the dixon administration and the city police union have reached a tentative contract deal predicate amara is live at union headquarters and has more
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for us. >> the voting started at 7:00 this morning and continues at this hour. we want you to know why you will not be hearing from union leaders tonight. they said it was too important to take time away from their members. they spend every available minute tonight, explaining to their rank-and-file exactly what is in this contract. all day long, a steady stream of baltimore city police officers showed up to weigh in. the union hall, holding a ratification vote on a tentative contract agreement with the city, this proposal was months in the making, including a $5 million budget reduction. under the plan, officers would no longer works six-day weeks. they would gain at least 5.5 off days going foward.
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the deputy mayor says the schedule change means more consistent staffing and less overtime to fill empty positions. >> we are glad we have a proposal going before the members tonight. we hope they will agree to it. we are not having to take any officers off of the street. >> in addition to $3.7 million in wage concessions, the deal cuts $1.2 million by changing compensation for court appearances. for the rest of this fiscal year, officers would get compensation time for their first 40 hours in court. >> major cuts are difficult and there is not a lot of room on the city's part. we think it is a good deal, but we are not out of the woods yet. >> today's vote does not mean an end to budget cuts. according to the mayor's office,
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the city is facing an additional $52 million shortfall this fiscal year, and that number does not include looming state funding cuts and further revenue reductions. if the contract is ratified today, it goes into effect for the second half of this fiscal year, january 17 to june 30. after that, the two sides have to come together and negotiate a new contract for next fiscal year. >> police have charged a 20- year-old man with raping a woman earlier this year. detectives say dna evidence link him to a 22-year-old victim and a 2007 rape of a 13- year-old girl. williams is expected to be a gang member. >> one person is dead after a fire at a motel.
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the victim was rushed to the burn center where he was pronounced dead. he has not yet been identified the fire was contained to one room, and it took firefighters 15 minutes to bring it under control. >> authorities are searching for the driver that ran down a 70- year-old woman as she crossed the street in at north point this morning. delores stray was pronounced dead at the hospital. john sherman has more on the investigation. >> police say it was just after 5:30 this morning when someone driving a mazda hit the 70-year old woman and just kept driving. ask anyone out here at this intersection, where four lanes and a bus stop and a mall come together, they will tell you it is unsafe for pedestrians. >> they are constantly speeding.
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>> this intersection has had so many people get in accidents, killed, and everything over so many years. i used to be a cab driver. it is unbelievable. >> when a driver hit 70-year old delores stray, this woman saw the scene this morning. >> there were cones everywhere blocking it off. >> police say whoever did it left behind evidence. >> there were front-end parts. we can only tell at this point that they came from a must that be a " pretty >> -- we can only tell at this point that they came from a mazda vehicle. >> people-around here to try to catch the bus stop. >> in this case, there is no
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question legally about the driver's responsibility. >> the law states that someone involved in any type of accident has a responsibility to stop and provide their information anytime an accident occurs. >> the victim in this case live just a few blocks from the scene. >> stay with us, there is much more news ahead para >> in this season of giving, 13 people received the gift of life. >> the ravens get set to face the chicago bears, and the game plan this week may be similar to charles dickens' "a christmas carol." >> cold air sliding into our
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direction. for now, it is still kind of warm. 50 degrees in downtown baltimore. the 74 cast is coming up. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on "the jay leno show."
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>> of federal money in baltimore is reigniting a controversy. the red line would run above ground in two locations. city leaders say the line would help to cut down on traffic congestion, but residents say the system will cost too many problems. >> they are going to have this pit come out of the middle of an urban landscape where millions of dollars have been spent and there is the real issue of safety. it is going to make the traffic
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worst. things do not connect. >> the city is hoping to break ground in 2012, with the light rail up and running in 2016. >> 13 people have received their christmas gift early, the gift of life. there were a part of the largest kidney exchange in the world. the washington bureau reporter sally kidd has the details. >> roxanne williams desperately needed a new kidney. she relied on dialysis to keep her alive. she found her match in a stranger halfway across the country. >> it is nice to know that my kidney is going to somebody that is so special. >> his wife also needed a kidney transplant, but her husband was
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incompatible. that is how they came together, and the world's largest translate exchange of its kind. it gets complicated, but in all, 13 patients received kidneys from people they did not know until now. >> there is no better feeling in the world than giving somebody back there life. >> ♪ i have a kidney. ♪ >> i can't even explain. my husband is my angel on earth. >> she received her kidney from roxanne's father. >> it just shows that there is still good in a society. >> so in this season of giving, 13 selfless heroes give the ultimate gift so that others
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could live. doctors say the donate kidneys should keep these patients off of a dialysis for 12 to 14 years. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the almanac for this 15th day of december looked pretty warm for this time of year. as the evening wears on, we are likely to establish new lows for the day. 58 degrees for the afternoon high at bwi marshall. the inner harbor has an incomplete report, because for several hours, the report was missing. i assume they were warmer than that in downtown baltimore. it is going to get a lot colder. here are the morning lows in their region.
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you can see some very cold arctic air on the far northwest fringes on the screen there. minneapolis was below 0 well we were still in the 40's, but the winds have shifted to the northwest. the cold front is now off the coast. temperatures are still relatively mild. temperatures have already dropped to around freezing, and that cold air will come into our region. 27 to 34 degrees, a northwest wind averaging 12 to 14 miles per hour. it tomorrow, it is going to feel like december because this front will pass through the region. high pressure comes in with several days of sunny skies and cold temperatures, but the front drops into the goulf and stalls.
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weather the storm comes up into our area remains to be seen it. insta-weather plus futurecast shows a little bit of cloud cover holding up in the mountains. east of the mountains, the skies should clear. like a fax no comes back off of lake ontario towards upstate new york, while we will have dry weather here for tomorrow, thursday, and friday. we are going to be watching to our south. sunny skies tomorrow, a breezy and cool day, but those winds will occasionally push the wind chill down to the 20's. snow showers are likely in garrett county predict around the chesapeake bay, much cooler and breezy. along the lower eastern shore, temperatures are colder it and
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breezy. temperatures below normal with dry weather for wednesday, thursday, and friday. we will have to watch the storm very carefully because it could bring some snow over the weekend. >> now, the 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> from here on out, the focus does not change for the ravens. the only thing that changes is their opponents. they have to keep winning to get themselves in the playoff picture credit up next, the chicago bears spread this week, it looks like they have borrowed a page from charles dickens "a christmas carol." former raven's head coach will serve as the color commentator for the broadcast of the game against the bears. they have only had three head coaches, only two have the lead
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the ravens into the postseason. he should make for a pretty interesting production meeting when they sit down on saturday afternoon to compare notes on the ravens. >> i am excited about it. we have had a chance to talk to ryan every other monday and we have had some great conversations. we have a great relationship with brian, and he has a great relationship with the ravens. >> meanwhile, the cleveland browns bid to join the nfl of the 21st century now focuses on the efforts of landing mike holmgrin. he has spent the last two days in cleveland talking with the boehner about taking over football operations for the
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browns. not a done deal yet, but he has his agent on hand in cleveland, and that could certainly signaled a deal in the making. you have to feel a little nervous about meeting with the guys that could soon be running the franchise pretty nervous about the weather for sunday's game, stick around because we will have that forecast trade ahead it. (announcer) give yourself the ultimate holiday gift - the verizon quad play. and save $14.99 a month for a year. call now and you'll get verizon wireless, america's most reliable wireless network -
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>> there is an intense search tonight for a driver involved
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in a fatal hit-and-run predict a 70-year-old woman was killed. plus, is special medical alert. 800,000 h1n1 vaccine recalled tonight. thousands of the doses were sent to maryland. it deals with the vaccines potency unthink value with the kfc 12-piece holiday feast. get great-tasting original recipe... mixed with kentucky grilled chicken...
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>> and now, winter. >> you are the ones that wanted it. >> not me. >> 40 degrees tomorrow. i was trying to shift all of the blame to you. 21 degrees on friday morning. some nice sunshine for the next couple of days. some folks are cheering for snow. it is still iffy. we are fluctuating in between each new piece of data that comes in. for snow lovers, at least you have a chance for this weekend. >> thank you for joining us.
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